Sunday, October 26, 2014

People Who Instantly Regretted Their Decisions.

1. He just couldn't get it right after all the practice and this kid regrets ever signing up for this.

2. Was it too difficult to try a regular approach?

3, Horses do NOT like participating in your ice bucket challenges.

4. That moment when you're all talk and no walk.

5. This kid just lost all hope is bulking up.

6. This guy who had a terrible realization (mid-flight) that this wasn't going to work out in his favor.

7. This stuntman who lost his grip

8. Sing at our wedding, they'll be a blast, they said...

9. This adorable baby elephant who didn't realize just how deep this pool was

10. This girl who regrets attending a concert with her mom

11.This guy who soon realized that he isn't the crocodile hunter.

12. This cat who will never hope into another box of foam again.

13. It was too late when he realized that he hadn't added water to his cup o'noodles.

14.This ice bucket challenge that went WAYYY wrong.

15. This guy who immediately regretted trolling this girl while chugging a beer.

16. This guy who should've just used Kleenex

17. This kid who regretted ever trusting his mother.

18. And this guy who just learned #TrustNoBitch

H/T Reddit